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Short List of the Best Websites for General Information:

American Embassy Ashgabat
   Generally the best place to get any country information
Embassy of Turkmenistan in Washington, D.C.
    Go here to get official information
Lonely Planet - Destination Turkmenistan 
A good tourist's country guide
A great cultural site
Washington Post: Turkmenistan
Good news site
EurasiaNet: Turkmenistan
Another good news site

Some Current Turkmenistan Bookmarks (April 2001)

Country Guides

Atlapedia Online
Encyclop�dia Britannica article page
Excite Travel Destinations Turkmenistan
Information Please- Countries of the World
Lonely Planet - Destination Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan - News, Information, Foods, Travel, Business, People and More
Turkmenistan - World Desk Reference - online information
World Travel Guide - Turkmenistan - Overview

Travel & Tourism

Events and Activities
Turkish Airlines
Turkmenistan Airways
Welcome to Turkmenistan
Ayan Tours

Academic Interest

Central Asian Studies at the University of Washington
European Center for Central Asian Studies
Forum for Central Asian Studies at Harvard University
The Center for Post-Soviet Studies
The Department of Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University
Central Asia Caucasus Institute

Ashgabat Hotels, Restaurants, etc

Academservice on-line. Hotels in Ashgabad ,Turkmenistan. Booking on-line, accomodation, reserva

Business & Business Services

Coyne Aviation
DHL in Askhabad
FedEx agent for Turkmenistan
IBM contact, Ashkhabad
Patent Attorneys in Turkmenistan
Business in Turkmenistan
EIA Country Analysis Brief- Turkmenistan
Foreign Investment in Turkmenistan
FY 2000 Guide (1999)
Major banks of Turkmenistan
Market Research Report on Turkmenistan
The Turkmenistan Online System
US Companies in Turkmenistan

Carpets & Art

Art of Turkmenistan
Dr. Farzad Marjani's Private Collection
Rugs and Carpets
Turkmen Jewelry
Turkmen Weavings
In Search of Turkmen Carpets
Turkmen Carpets Online


      Legal Documents

The law of Turkmenistan on foreing investments in Turkmenistan
The law of Turkmenistan on investment activities in Turkmenistan

      NGOs & Multinationals

IMF Information on Turkmenistan
NGOs in Turkmenistan
World Bank Information on Turkmenistan

      Gov't Reports & Reports on Gov't

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members in Turkmenistan
Elections in Turkmenistan
Encyclop�dia Britannica article page
Mejlis (Parliament) of Turkmenistan
The Almanac of Politics and Government
Turkmenistan - Organs of the State Power
Turkmenistan - Political Background

      Turkmen Gov't

Customs Rules and Regulations
Pictures of Turkmen Currency!

       United States Gov't

American Embassy Ashgabat
Peace Corps World Wise Schools Country Information
U.S.Agency for International Development

Human Rights

A list of Turkmen law and human rights NGOs
Political Resources on the Net - Turkmenistan
Amnesty Int'l
Pankratov's Page

Language Learning

Ethnologue Database- Turkmenistan
Turkmen Language Learning Resources
Words and expressions of Turkmen and Russian languages

Links pages

Columbia Links
Open Directory - Turkmenistan
Oxus Links
Turkic Republics and Communities
Turkmenistan REENIC Local Navigator
Yahoo! RegionalCountriesTurkmenistan


Global Gazetteer - Maps of 2132 towns and cities in Turkmenistan
Large Political Map
Large Shaded Relief Map
Small Map of Turkmenistan
Topographic Map of Turkmenistan for Presentation
World Desk Reference Map
Lonely Planet -Turkmenistan Map


The Chaihana
Turkmen Stamps of Princess Di


Turkmen Music


Latest News on Turkmenistan
RFE-RL Turkmen Service
WashingtonPost.com International Turkmenistan
Weather Underground Turkmenistan
Weekday Magazine-Turkmenistan
BBC online
Weather.com Tstan

Peace Corps

National Peace Corps Association---Home page
Peace Corps Crossroads
Peace Corps Turkmenistan - The Official Page
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer WebRing


Joe Kelly's Pictures
Turkmenistan Pictures Gallery

Akhal Teke Horses

Akhalteke Horses
Akhalteke Horses (2)
History of the Turkmen Horse

Some Online People

Allison Moynihan's Peace Corps Info
Bahargul Bedjanova
Batir Amanov
Go� Yigit
The Robinsons in Turkmenistan
Ashgabad Gazette
Inner Asia Expedition - Turkmenistan