Peace Corps in Turkmenistan

The United States Peace Corps has been active in Turkmenistan since 1992, attempting to help the Turkmen government and people accomplish humanitarian goals. Many volunteers have taught the English language in towns, villages, hospitals, and colleges. Peace Corps volunteers have also worked in the health sector and in the business sector attempting to foster and develop entrepreneurial projects. Peace Corps left Turkmenistan in 2001, after the September 11th attacks, but returned soon after. Over 300 volunteers have servered in Turkmenistan -- some of their thoughts about the people and the country can be found below.
Volunteer from 2002-2004 -- letters collected here.

Two 2004 Letters from Carrie Doliv
Current volunteer in Balkanabat.

Peace Corps Dreams Turn to Dust
A 2004 newspaper interview with Cayenne Smith and Nathan Hutto

Sheryal Valencic's Recollections
Volunteer from September 1999- September 2001.

Katie Lavoie's Turkmenistan Info Page
Volunteer from September 2000- September 2001.

Linda Helbling's Turkmenistan Diary
Volunteer from 1999-September 2001.

Story about Maya Milanytch
Volunteer from 1999-September 2001.

Alison Moynihan's Peace Corps Update Page
Volunteer from 2000-2001.

Scott Todd's Ashgabat Journals
Scott Todd's Ashgabat Journals from 1996-1997.

Scott Todd's Summer Camp Journals
Scott Todd's notes from the Turkmenistan Summer English Immersion Camp of 1997.

John McCall's Comments on Serving in Turkmenistan
John McCall's thoughts on teaching and learning in Turkmenistan from 1993-95.